Jessica Sokoloff

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas CityJessica Sokoloff

With years of experience in aggressive defense, Jessica Sokoloff has represented hundreds of clients in Kansas, California, and Missouri in a range of city, state, and federal courts. Passionate about securing results for her clients, Jessica has made a name for herself as a dedicated attorney.

Jessica has represented clients in cases including the following:

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Education & Previous Experience

Jessica obtained her Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University Law School. After graduating, she honed her skills in client representation while working at a prominent criminal and drug defense firm in Los Angeles.

Prior to moving to Kansas with her family, Jessica worked with the Los Angeles Alternate Public Defender’s Office, dedicating her energy to the defense of clients needing special counsel.

Working with Clients at Rokusek Stein Law, LLC

Jessica proudly advocates on behalf of her clients, defending their Constitutional rights. Serving as a Johnson County Public Defender and an attorney at our firm, Jessica is committed to providing the highest level of advocacy to clients facing criminal charges throughout Kansas and Missouri.

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