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Can Prescription Drugs Lead to DUI Charges?

Can Prescription Drugs Lead to DUI Charges?

Most people know that DUI charges are usually levied when a driver is intoxicated by either alcohol or illegal drugs. However, the law does not say you must be intoxicated by one of these substances, just that you must be impaired in any way. This means you could possibly be arrested and charged with DUI if you are found under the influence of a legal drug as well, including one for which you have a prescription or recommendation from your doctor.

The typical elements prosecutors use to prove the occurred are that the intoxicated individual drove the vehicle, and that they were in any way intoxicated or inebriated while doing so, impacting their ability to drive safely. While alcohol is the most common cause for driving under the influence, stronger medicines, such as pain killers, sleeping pills, or even allergy or strong pain medications can all have a significant impact on your ability to drive safely.

Many of these medications that could potentially result in lessened reaction times, drowsiness, or general impairment come with warnings saying you should not drive or operate machinery while taking these drugs. There’s a good reason for this: prescription drugs can have an extremely heavy impact on a person, including showing signs similar to that of alcohol or illegal drug intoxication. Increased reaction times, lack of awareness for surroundings, and even a general loss of some control over muscles are all potential side effects, which means that someone on one of these medications could pose a serious risk to themselves and those around them.

Enforcement of Drugged Driving

While breathalyzer tests have enabled law enforcement to obtain fairly accurate blood alcohol content readings in mere moments, drugged driving is much harder to test for. Most often, officers are forced to take you to a location where they can draw blood to run a chemical test and determine if any potentially-inebriating substances are present. This can lead to a number of discrepancies or mistakes which can place the integrity of the evidence into question.

While DUI numbers continue to drop and people become more responsible for their actions, drugged driving is actually on the rise. A 2009 report from the NHTSA found that as many as 16% of drivers at night have some form of drugs in their system, both legal and illegal, which might be impacting their ability to drive. As this problem continues to grow, expect law enforcement to take extra precautionary and preventative measures to keep these drivers off the road and ensure safety.

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