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Defenses Against Charges of Domestic Violence

Defenses Against Charges of Domestic Violence

Have you been accused of domestic violence? In many cases, law abiding citizens face false accusations and find themselves in deep trouble with the law.

While you are innocent until proven guilty, even mere allegations can make you appear guilty in the eyes of the media and public. A strong domestic violence defense is imperative in protecting your rights, reputation, and freedom.

The following are the common potential defenses to domestic violence accusations:

  1. Deliberately false allegations – Some individuals make false allegations of abuse against partners out of spite. This is common in divorce and child custody cases. A criminal defense attorney can look for any inconsistencies in the accuser’s story by comparing it to police records and witness accounts.
  2. Lack of proof – A defendant cannot be convicted when the prosecution fails to meet the requisite burden of proof. A lawyer can look for any holes in the accuser’s argument.
  3. Self-defense – A defendant can claim they acted in self-defense or to protect their children. A claim of self-defense may work if the defendant reasonably perceived an imminent threat, had a proportional response, and was not the initial aggressor.
  4. Wrong suspect – A defendant can claim someone else was responsible for the abuse, there are a number of ways to establish the innocence of the accused. An attorney can show that the defendant wasn’t near the scene of the alleged incident and whether or not he or she had a reliable alibi.

If you have been accused of domestic violence in Kansas, contact Rokusek Stein, LLC and request a free consultation with our Kansas City criminal defense attorney today.


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