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  • Can You Get a DUI in Kansas for Sleeping in Your Car?

    After a night of heavy drinking, many people choose to sleep in their cars as an alternative to drunk driving. While this may appear to be a good idea, law enforcement authorities do not think so. According to Kansas law, a DUI is defined as operating or attempting or operate any vehicle while over the legal limit of .08 or while alcohol impaired to a degree which renders the driver incapable of ...
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  • Will a Juvenile Crime Stay on My Criminal Record for the Rest of My Life?

    Sometimes a mistake we made in our youth can become an embarrassment when we reach adulthood. In addition, these type of incidents can become public after law enforcement gets involved. But can a juvenile offense stay on your criminal record forever? The short answer is “not really.” Kansas law allows a juvenile adjudication to be expunged. Recently, state statutes also changed to allow immediate ...
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  • Common Mistakes to Avoid after a DUI Arrest

    After a DUI arrest in Kansas, it is normal to feel scared, frustrated, and confused, especially if it is your first time. Still, it is critical to remain calm and focused on the steps you have to take in order to obtain the best results possible. In the absence of a clear mind, it can be easy to make several mistakes that end up negatively affecting your case. The following are the most common DUI ...
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  • Benefits of Hiring a Former Prosecutor

    When determining a legal representative after getting arrested for or charged with a criminal offense, you may be wondering what credentials you should look for. While you should obtain counsel from a lawyer who has an exceptional track record of success in defending criminal cases, keep in mind the benefits of also having someone with prosecution experience. A prosecutor is an attorney who ...
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  • Defenses for DUI

    There are a number of DUI defenses that an experienced criminal defense attorney can raise to help you get the best possible outcome in your DUI case. However, not all will apply. With more than 30 years of combined legal experience practicing in both Kansas and Missouri, our Kansas City criminal defense attorneys at Rokusek Stein Law, LLC can evaluate your case and determine all of your legal ...
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  • Your Rights during a Traffic Stop

    There are many reasons why a law enforcement officer may pull you over. Drivers get pulled over when an officer believes that he or she has committed some traffic violation, such as speeding or changing lanes without using the turn signal. Whatever the reason may be, drivers have certain rights when they are pulled over. All drivers need to be familiar with their statutory and constitutional ...
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  • Understanding Ignition Interlock in Kansas

    In an effort to reduce repeat offenders of repeat DUI offenders, while allowing them to retain their driving privileges, an ignition interlock restriction can be imposed that requires the use of an ignition interlock device (IID) on any vehicle operated by the offender for the duration of the restriction. The following are certain types of individuals who require an IID in Kansas: Anyone who has a ...
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