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Supreme Court Sets New Limits on Warrantless Searches
Supreme Court Sets New Limits on Warrantless Searches

In a decision that has been considered a huge victory for privacy rights, the Supreme Court ruled in late May that police officers must generally obtain a warrant in order to search vehicles parked at a private home or on the surrounding area of the property. In an 8-1 ...

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  • Police Body Camera Footage: Good or Bad for Criminal Defense?

    The use of body cameras by law enforcement has become a growing trend due to the rise of highly publicized officer-involved shootings. These cameras ...

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  • Bringing Legal Cannabis Across States

    If you’re a resident of Kansas or Missouri and you plan on taking a trip over to Colorado, perhaps one of the plans in your itinerary is to enjoy ...

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  • What is a Plea Bargain?

    At Rokusek Stein Law, LLC , our Kansas City criminal defense attorneys are committed to helping you either obtain a not guilty verdict at trial or ...

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  • What is a Hate Crime?

    Hate crimes or bias-motivated crimes are criminal offenses motivated by prejudice because the victim is a member of a certain group. Today, 45 ...

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  • Should I Plead No Contest?

    A no contest plea, also known as “nolo contendere” in Latin, is a plea used in criminal proceedings as an alternative to a guilty or not guilty plea. ...

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  • What Happens at Arraignment?

    Following an arrest or criminal citation, an arraignment is a court proceeding where a defendant is formally advised of the charges against him/her ...

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  • What is an Expert Witness?

    In many criminal cases, securing the services of “expert witnesses” to examine evidence, to advise counsel, and to testify at trial is important. An ...

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  • How Social Media Can Affect Your Criminal Case

    For the last decade, the advancements in technology have changed how we connect with one another. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, ...

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  • Differences Between State & Federal Charges

    There are two types of courts in the United States—state courts and federal courts. Although the U.S. Constitution allows states the power to govern ...

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