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What You Should Know About Federal Drug Diversion Investigations
What You Should Know About Federal Drug Diversion Investigations

Drug diversion involves the transfer of prescription drugs from the person legally receiving the substance to another person for illicit use. This federal drug crime is often typically aimed at medical professionals. Whether you have been contacted by a federal agent or been ...

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Blog posts in Drug Crimes

  • Federal Drug Penalties

    Federal drug trafficking is a serious offense. A conviction will result in a lengthy federal prison sentence, fines worth millions of dollars, and a ...

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  • What Makes a Drug Crime a Federal Offense?

    Every state has its own drug laws, but the federal government has its own established drug laws. With this in mind, it’s hard to determine if and when ...

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  • Drug Crimes Across State Lines

    There are many types of drug crimes, including but not limited to the possession, distribution, and sale of drugs. While the circumstances of the ...

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  • Smoking Weed in Federal Parks

    Several states across the country have legalized recreational marijuana use, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal everywhere, including in some areas ...

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  • What is a Diversion Program?

    Just because a person has been charged with a first-time offense, doesn’t mean that he/she is guilty. However, there are some cases where it is ...

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  • Penalties for Federal Drug Convictions

    Shows like Narcos follow the rise and fall of powerful drug lords and their empires. While many of these kingpins end up six feet under, some are ...

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  • Examples of Federal Drug Crimes

    Some people don’t know the differences between state and federal crimes. State crimes are when people break the law at the state level; federal crimes ...

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  • Prescription Drug Crimes: What You Need to Know

    Prescription drugs are not legal for everyone. If you are not prescribed a medication by a doctor, you can go to jail, pay fines, and be convicted of ...

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  • Defenses for Possession of Marijuana

    Although marijuana laws have lessened around the United States, Kansas still treats marijuana possession, cultivation, as well as sales or ...

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