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Can Drugs & Alcohol Impact Sexual Consent?
Can Drugs & Alcohol Impact Sexual Consent?

One of the easiest ways to turn a regular dinner into a romantic evening: enjoying alcohol. Alcohol and romance go together; in fact, a recent study performed by alcohol.org found that at least 85% of millennials drink on a first date. While there is nothing wrong with ...

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  • Is Revenge Porn Illegal in Kansas & Missouri?

    In today’s world, when two people are involved in an intimate relationship, sharing romantic texts and other messages can evolve into sharing ...

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  • The Story of Zach Anderson

    Online dating and dating apps have completely changed the way people go about meeting someone new. Instead of going to a bar, hoping Mr. or Mrs. Right ...

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  • What is Lewd & Lascivious Behavior?

    When we think of sex crimes , rape or child pornography often come to mind due to the seriousness of such offenses. However, one of the most common ...

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  • Your Teen’s at Risk of Felony Charges

    We all want to think the best of our children, but they can mess up from time to time. While most of these mistakes will result in nothing more than a ...

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  • False Accusations Destroy Lives

    “Innocent until proven guilty” is more than a crime drama quote, it’s the foundation of the American justice system. Unfortunately, some people ...

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  • Defenses to Sex Crimes

    If you are facing false allegations of a sex crime , there are a variety of defenses which can counter the charges. If convicted of a sex crime in ...

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  • What Happens If I Didn’t Know They Were Underage

    While there are plenty of benefits to using Tinder and similar apps, they can also cause a lot of “catfishing” scenarios. People take a lot of ...

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  • Can I Share Consensually Taken Nude Pictures?

    Internet trend enthusiasts guesstimate that an average of 1.8 billion digital images are uploaded to the World Wide Web every day. Of the billions of ...

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  • Definition of Consent in Kansas

    Consent is now one of the buzzwords of the American public. Every news source, every tabloid, and every celebrity blogger is more than familiar with ...

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