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Driving while suspended, or DWS, is a serious crime with the potential for huge legal ramifications. Being pulled over when you have a suspended license can impact your future and your ability to live your life as you once did.

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Why Was My License Suspended?

If you have lost your driver's license for any reason, even one not listed below, you need legal representation. If convicted of driving while suspended, you face a mandatory jail penalty and stiff fines. Please note that a conviction for DWS will re-suspend your driving privileges. Remember that a DWS is as serious a violation as DUI on your driving record.

Your driving privileges can be suspended for any number of reasons, including:

  • Failing to pay a traffic ticket
  • Refusing to take a breath alcohol test
  • Failing a breath alcohol test
  • Being convicted of MIP or MIC
  • Being convicted of DUI
  • Letting your insurance lapse on your vehicle
  • Not paying a reinstatement fee once you pay a ticket for which you were suspended
  • Being convicted of too many moving violations within a certain time frame
  • Failing to appear in court to take care of a traffic matter
  • Failing to make child support payments

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Note to Clients: Do not drive to court if your driver's license is suspended.

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