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Minors who commit crimes in Kansas face serious consequences that may affect their future, including employment, schooling, the ability to obtain student loans, and more. If you or your child is facing criminal charges, seek the advice of a lawyer immediately.

With an experienced Kansas City juvenile criminal defense attorney by your side, you are providing yourself with the best opportunity to avoid a conviction or minimize penalties. Contact Rokusek Stein Law, LLC online today.

For over 30 years combined, our Kansas City criminal defense lawyers have worked with dedication to protect the rights of juveniles in juvenile court and the adult criminal system. We have extensive trial experience, including having worked in the past as a federal and state prosecutor. Put my experience to work for you.

Juveniles May be Prosecuted as Adults

Juvenile courts handle most minor offenses, such as:

However, it is possible for a juvenile to be "waived" into the adult criminal system.

This most often happens when the juvenile is older and the crime committed is more serious, such as:

When a juvenile case is waived into the adult criminal division, the juvenile will be charged and prosecuted as an adult. If this happens, you need counsel who understands how the adult criminal system works, as well as how the juvenile criminal defense process works.

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At Rokusek Stein Law, LLC, our Kansas City criminal defense attorneys experience provides us with the ability to fully analyze waiver cases to determine whether the waiver can effectively be challenged. Our goal will always be to keep the case within the juvenile system, as the goal of this system is to rehabilitate, not punish. The benefits of this are numerous.

From bench trials to jury trials in federal, state, or juvenile court, we have the varied experience required to properly handle all potential aspects of a juvenile offense. Call us at 913.583.0465 to schedule a free consultation.

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